6 warning in its search results such

Effective Website Security Tips On How To Protect Your Website From Hackers


If you are website owner the most
important thing to look for is that your business website Is safe and secure .Website
Security should be the top most priority of each and every website owner to
safe guard his website and look for any vulnerabilities
and threats and take desired steps to protect his online business. As denial of
such website security issues popping up may lead to business loss and as such
thing happen may lead to significant loss in distrust of audiences and may incur
losses to business because no owner as well as a user would like to visit a
website which has been penalized by Google .Google generally displays a warning
in its search results such as “Visiting this website may harm your computer” ,

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The common types of
warning are

The site certificate
is not trusted

The connection is not

This is not probably
the site you are looking for

The site ahead
contains malware


There might be possibility that
you may receive a spammy email which might include unsolicited advertising or
message which might ultimately result to failure of organizational systems or a
proposition in order to invade or corrupt your website services online by help
of phishing practices to steal your personal confidential data, as well as
steal away your businesses financial information the website user &
password information can also be hijacked by hackers.


As increase in cyber attacks prominently
day by day the question arises on how to safeguard your website efficiently so
that such securities issues won’t matter you much .Here are some of tips which
you can implement to tackle down your websites securities issues effectively


Tip # 1 Stay Ahead with
Software updates

Many of the website out there
suffer /negotiate or breach their security each and every day as they don’t
keep their software up to date .so it is of great importance to keep a copy of software
updated  which is usually used to run
your website  .Make sure that server
software is also updated frequently on which your website runs as .you can ask
your hosting server service provider for this kind of updates and by simply
placing an call to their customer service portal demanding assistance to such
issues . On other hand Keeping an un updated or running old versions of cms ,plug-in
,software’s  for websites gives an
opportunity to hackers as they have sufficient knowledge as to  easily find loop holes and take an
opportunity to hack your website information so always keep an updated version
of software to run your website as this software update  patches by software company are sufficient
enough to tackle security issues of website to great extent.


Tip # 2 Use An Proper
Trusted SSL Certificate

Don’t forget to Use SSL Certificates
on your website, An SSL Certificate is capable enough to deal with threats to
your website as it layers your website with sufficient security by encrypting
your site to such level that no other party can intervene in between and access
 the information which is sensitive in
nature other than authorized person from web server to browser .The main purpose of SSL CERTIFICATES is to safeguard company
sensitive data from being getting robbed especially credit/debit card transactions
and login information details which make online transactions more safer in
general the user can surf web information more securely opt for online deals
& transaction securely  which adds to
their further trust in the brand and builds reputation for brand you can
purchase SSL Certificate from reputed webhosting service provider company and
choose from a SSL certificates types and plans the one’s  most suited for your business 



 Tip # 3 Protect you Business Apps with Web Application
Firewall Services

With the increase in mobile web and
its usage there has been significant increase in web applications, Each and
every organization might be an new business startup ,corporate or global
venture feels the needs for web applications and has got some sort of web
application for their business on different operating systems or platforms,
where they can easily connect and convey their 
business  message and goals with
customers ,business partners and industry people and offer their services to
them .Web application firewall helps protect your web applications and prevents
attacks to applications by filtering and keeping unwanted  and malicious traffic requests  which may harm your website application and
ensures your web based applications are fully protected from cyber attacks and
ensures your apps perform better by adding high level of security to web based






Tip # 4 Perform Regular

Backing up website on frequent basis
and restoring your data and files is the first and foremast task one should
consider from security point of view .Running up website is much easier but
what one could do in case when certain things go wrong consider that you were
to going to do certain changes in website you got confused the file you were to
upload to website got misplaced or you woke and found your some of crucial
business data  missing or you were in a
hurry and some crucial website data was deleted by you in frustration in such
circumstances it is necessary to have a regular back up of your website data
.you should apply an effective back up process to ensure that backup you make
are stored in more secure way .when nothing seem to match for such back up.Try
considering A Website Backup service for this purpose with website back up service you get automatic back up of
website important data files on regular basis stored on one location so you
have access to all of your important data on single location in a more safe and
secure way and a customer service reporting you of your backups at you


Tip # 5 Change Passwords
Regularly On Frequent Basis

The Most simplest technique to
safen your website is by changing your passwords frequently don’t keep an
simple password which each and everyone is capable to guess and invade in to
your website site content  such as
keeping up  name or date of birth or
phone number as password.  use
combination of special characters ,lower and uppercase characters you can also
add combination of numbers  which are not
guessable in general to secure your identity online. The best practice is to
keep a password which is 10-12 characters long and make your online presence
more safer


Tip # 6 Choose Best
Website Monitoring Service

Website Monitoring Service is a
platform where you get to access security features which involve running test
on your website for performance and its availability all the time. It is a service
which performs a test check that your website is available and working enough
on frequent basis at the same time enables the users to visit the website as it
was expected. In Such tests you can get information on security alerts by
monitoring team any alteration or modification made to a website,your website
speed current speed and load time, whether the connection is established
between website and service and reports any vulnerabilities if present notifies
such issues to the website owner through email or phone call instantly so pick
up a website monitoring services that is right for you from website hosting
service before it’s too late.



























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