6. electric bikes are non-polluting and are

6. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS                            Electric vehicles do not emit smoke or cause air pollution like other fuel consuming vehicles. They do not require any oxygen as similar to other vehicles for smooth operation. They use lithium ion battery which is more eco-friendly on par with lead batteries. Lithium ion is less toxicities when compared to lead batteries.  Additionally, the use of lithium ion battery reduces the overall weight of the vehicles and also achieves an improved fuel economy on comparison with petro powered vehicles. On an overall view electric vehicles are much better than petro vehicles. The number of accidents due to conventional bikes is on a large scale on comparison with the accidents caused due to electric bikes. Lithium ion battery are more environmental friendly on par with lead base batteries which are much preferred in petro vehicles. Additionally, the use of lithium ion batteries also reduces the vehicles weight which makes easier for the drivers to handle the vehicle. On total, the electric bikes are non-polluting and are 100% eco-friendly. There can be no better replacement for petro vehicles than electric vehicles. people must know the use and necessity of the electric bikes to protect our environment.7. CONCLUSION                       The potential for alternatives technologies in replacing petro chemical vehicles in India, as in case of any other markets, depends on improved batteries, driving ranges, regulations, government influences, lower price and better charging infra structure. All these above said qualities are achieved by electric vehicles. But still people go on preferring petro based vehicles due to their traditional culture. This thought must be taken away. Only 20% of people in our country use electric vehicles. If this situation prevails the pollution rate keeps on increasing. Customer perception and their outlook towards the future pose the challenge of product acceptability.


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