1st enemy. The book enables the reader

1st Text

The Final Agony presents a convincing finale to the war
against Japan in a series of books which belong to the Ballentine magazine book
library. This book portrays the standpoint from a Japanese point of view during
the last few months of World War 2 which was contrary to that of the Western
evaluation of the war.

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This abridged book which is occupied with black and white photographs
which consisted of the “hawks” and “doves” while considering the different
factions of the social classes in Japan.

The book consists of Japan’s defeats, the enterprises to
adhere to peace culminating to the final surrender of this powerful country. It
further goes on to speak of Russia’s role in the war, the bombing campaigns,
the limitations at home, honor, national policy and the discussion of
propaganda and reality. The chapters dwell on the culmination of Japan’s
decision to finally surrender although not truly in the notion to accede to the
concept of defeat. It dealt with the factor of many opting for the notion of
suicide rather than surrender to the enemy.

The book enables the reader to focus on the minor as well as
the dwelling on to the perception of how Japan experienced during this time
period. As many books related to the Ballantine series, this book too provides
a piece of writing which could be regarded as a solitary, genuine book.

It was a pleasant experience to read such an interesting
book in a short time frame.


2nd Text

 Ballantines decided
to publish a series of illustrated paperbacks related to the history of World
War I and World War II. This series of books was firstly published by McDonald
Publishing and the Imperial War Museum in the 1960s. The above mentioned
sequence of books were categorized in to areas such as battles, campaigns,
weapons, war leaders, politics in action and human conflict. These books
consisted of a color banding at the bottom, with the inclusion of art work at
the cost of $1 at the time of print and the cost inevitably on the rise,

Although this series is deemed to be outdated due to the
fact of it being disclosed by the Allied codebreaking, it possesses a sound
introduction to the conflicts in the 20th century.

During the latter part of the World War II, it was observed
that the Pacific area was consumed by battle as well as intense conflicts in
the political arena too. As the Allied forces were advancing closer to the
Japanese territory, and searching for avenues to cease the war. The great
combatants of the empire, worked unwaveringly to establish a stronghold in
which women, children and senior citizens were used as shields or suicide
warriors. Unfortunately, nothing could withstand the greatest weapon which
existed and that of the atomic bombs which annihilated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The following entry was penned by Professor Alvin D. Coox,
being an historian who possessed great awareness and knowledge of the Japanese
history, described with much detail the momentous occasions of the Japanese
empire. He writes with much detail, the modus operandi of the conserving a
collapsing economy, the degeneration of the morals of the nation and the
determination and integrity of fighting till the very end. Professor Coox
speaks of the manner in which the Allied forces consisting mainly of the
Americans and their maneuver of the manner in which they conquered and emerged
victorious over Japan.  He specifically mentions
the fact of the great decision that the Americans had to make in relation to
the fact of if the atomic bomb was to be implemented or not.

The culmination of the book relates to the most important
factor of history being that of the nuclear bomb being imparted on the towns
Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is followed by the Emperor’s decision to “accept
the unacceptable and endure the unendurable.” It is an epic factor in history
at this juncture as Japan who prided on never surrendering to another nation,
conceded to defeat with no foreign enemy ever having set foot on their land.

The photographs and maps which were displayed in the book
consisted of those being of the utmost quality. 
Special emphasis needs to be imparted on Hideki Tojo’s chapter on the
analysis on the concept of why the Emperor could have still won the war which
consisted of preposterous and unwarranted confidence in conquering the world.

The book consists of many more scholars who have written on
the idea that the Japanese maintained in seeking an avenue of peace through their
acquaintance with the Russians and the decision that America took in
implementing the atomic bomb. These writings are accurately presented and is an
enlightening introduction to the dramatic, cruel and final events of one of the
most gruesome and incredible wars that the world has ever experienced. 


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