1974: to overseas prisons operated by the

1974:   A draft resolution for
Prevention of Torture is included on the agenda and discussed
at the twenty ninth General Assembly.

1984:   After a decade of attempting to resolve
issues of implementing the resolution, the UN

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the CAT.

1987:   Following ratification by 20 States, the
Convention takes effect.

1997:   The 26th of June is named the
International Support of Victims of Torture day.

1998: “Former Chilean president Augusto Pinochet is arrested in London,
after Amnesty

reminds all European governments of their
obligation to detain him under the Convention against Torture. Despite Pinochet
being released in 2000 after a controversial medical test, this is a bold step
forward for international justice.” Amnesty International

2002:   The general Assembly adopts The Optional
Protocol to UNCAT

2005:    U.S President Bush states that UNCAT does not
apply to overseas prisons      

             operated by the CIA and the
military, thus violating UNCAT

2006:   The Optional Protocol of UNCAT enters into force

2015:    The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture finds that certain
aspects of

             Australia’s asylum seeker policies
violate UNCAT


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