PHP Custom Web application development


Our Hypertext Preprocessor programmers have strong revel in in specially secured, multi-person, strong, high valued and excessive-overall performance web applications development. We’ve got worked on more than one variations starting from 4.x to 5.x of the personal home page. A number of our essential projects with php encompass constructing community websites, content material management gadget, e-learning software, report control structures and many greater. Our Hypertext Preprocessor professionals have robust enjoy in database layer development with FileMaker, MySQL, sq. Server, PostgreSQL (pgsql) to construct 2-tier and 3-tier web programs.  Our group has also developed many rich internet applications with php using HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, Node.JS, ExtJS, MooTools.

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Why choose php?

·         Simple

·         Faster

·         Interpreted

·         Open Source

·         Case Sensitive

·         Simplicity

·         Efficiency

·         Platform Independent

·         Security

·         Flexibility

·         Familiarity

What we serve-

Custom PHP Development
Database Driven Website Development
Web Portal Development
Web Content Management
Online shopping carts & e-commerce solutions
PHP Development using open source


Cake php

For making web applications simpler, faster, while requiring less code, we offer you CakePHP. It is a modern PHP7 framework which offers a flexible database access layer. CakePHP helps to build php fast, simpler and easier.

Cake php is a favored framework for web development as it has the abilities to build websites quickly with less configuration required.

Our offerings includes:

Custom web developments, Extension developments, customization and integration, cakephp CMS development, shopping cart development, support and maintenance.

Why you choose cakephp for web development?

It is compatible with the different versions of PHP available, it is easy to customize and comprehend elements residing inside the framework, It offers the unique MVC pattern to follow the systematic pattern for getting started, it is easy to debug, no downloads are required, Reusability of code, for high security and session handling it provides better because of its code simplicity, helps in handling database in a much easier way. 


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