1-Setting: it’s divided into 4 parts and

1-Setting: The time that Charlie was writing in his diary was from 1991 till 1992. It took place in different location, mostly were at Charlie’s home but also at a few parties, at Patrick’s and Sam’s home, high school etc..2-Structure:The Perks of Being A Wallflower was written in a coming-of-age epistolary novel. Coming-of-age novel is that you see the character grow from adolescence to adulthood and goes through extremely changes in which changes the character too. An Epistolary novel is a novel written as a series of documents, such as letters (this is the usual form), diary and newspaper. And that’s what Charlie does, he writes a serie of letters to his “friend”. The book represents different part of his life during one school year, that’s why it’s divided into 4 parts and an epilogue.  3-Narrator and P.O.V:Through the whole book you only see the story from Charlie’s point of view. He tells the story from the first person perspective. 4-Tense (verb -tense):The novel was written in the past tense, because everything what Charlie was writing about happened already. 5-Tone:Charlie’s tone was most of the time honest and innocent. But like all teenager he had his moment were he was being funny or sarcastic. He always used informal, teenage- and descriptive language. Charlie explains every single detail when he’s writing, he explains how the other people’s mood are, what they are doing etc..   6-Plot:    Title of the novel I’ll be talking about is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The definition of the title is that Charlie has this advantage (=perks) of being a wallflower, and what they explain in the book what a wallflower means is that he notice everything. In the book Charlie looks every details in his surrounding and he observes how every people acts and that’s what a wallflower means that he’s always in the back perceiving everything. The author of The Perks of being a wallflower is Stephen Chbosky. Stephen was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on January 25, 1970. He’s also a novelist, screenwriter and director. Chbosky was raised in a Catholic family and also has a sister, Stacy. Stephen graduated in 1992 from the University of Southern California’s screenwriting program. His first film whom he wrote, directed and acted, The Four Corners of Nowhere in the 1995 independent film,  was also accepted by the Sundance Film Festival and was the first film to be shown on the Sundance Channel. Also he wrote the screenplay and directed the film The Perks of Being a Wallflower and it was such a big success that he won a few awards for it ( the 2013 Writers Guild Awards; 2013 People’s Choice Award). CharactersCharlie: the first impression I got from Charlie when I started reading the book was that he is someone really sensitive and what i mean with sensitive is that in a lot chapters of the book Charlie cries a lot, when he’s with Sam, at the party when they all cheer to him and a few more. He’s really observative, that’s why he got the “surname” wallflower. Because that’s what Charlie does, he observes everything and stays quite, an example for that would be when he stares at Sam and explain how beautiful she is. Charlie is a really difficult character, because he cannot control his emotions sometimes, he get these blackouts when he’s panicking or he starts to think too much and enters in a depression. The worst depression that Charlie had was when Patrick told him he should stay away for a while (because something went wrong at a party between Charlie, Sam and Mary Elizabeth. Charlie kissed Sam instead of Mary E). So Charlie went a few weeks without his friends and that hurted him a lot, he didn’t had anyone to talk to so he started to think a lot about Aunt helen, his friends and family. That’s why he got depressed.Patrick: Well the only word that comes up for me when i think of Patrick is ‘Happy’. Patrick i would say is one of the happiest characters in this book. Charlie’s first friend was Patrick and via Patrick Charlie got to meet a lot of his friends.


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