1) forecasts high requirement for the cloud

Discuss business drivers behind cloud computing?

Cloud computing has emerged in the commercial
world in the recent years. There is an increasing need for the cloud computing
and there are few business drivers which lead the cloud computing to grow are discussed below

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Capacity planning – This can be defined as
identification organization’s future requirements in the perspective of its IT
services, products, and resources. With
this capacity planning, we can determine
how much an IT resource can work over a given period. Improper planning between
IT resource and demand can make the system incapable of using the resource or
falling short of the resource result in failure of meeting the user
demands.  Hence this process provides
optimum planning which increases productivity without wasting the resources.
Depending upon the requirement we can use Lead, Lag and Match strategy for the

Cost Reduction – Investing in the infrastructure has always been a major
concern for the IT companies. Producing desired business performance as per the
customer requirements depends mostly on the usage of their Infra, most of the
companies back out adopting the new technologies or expansion when they look at
the capital required to implement the
changes. Cloud computing has provided IT companies a feasible option to expand
or adopt new infrastructure within their
budget level for any new projects, as they pay for what they use. With this option, the organization
doesn’t have to invest in maintaining the
changing infrastructural needs such as technical personnel, system upgrades
& patches or utility bills and expenses.

Organizational Agility – The ability to adapt and emerge the changes made by the organization
is defined by its agility. In order to fulfill the customer requirements, the organization
has to make changes in their infrastructure
& IT resources. Sometimes the existing resources may not be adequate in
those situation organization needs to change the resource planning which most companies fail
due to the restricted budget issues. In such case cloud computing proves to be
a trustworthy option.

How do you see the future of cloud computing?

Demand for cloud computing has been increasing with
the time. Companies are opting for cloud services rather than investing in changing
the IT resources. Cloud computing providers
are assuring the security levels, utility & software maintenance to a promising level which is also a reason for increasing
demand for cloud computing in the future. Services are made highly available with
high-speed efficiency. With these options
provided by the cloud computing companies, which saves investment on software
& IT infra for the IT organizations forecasts high requirement for the
cloud computing in the future.




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