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1.    What is your chosen country in South America continent? Explain the content of your chosen country which you wanted to include in the pages.Uruguay is the country of my choice among the other South America’s countries.  Uruguay is located in the southeast region of South America border which shares borders with Argentina and Brazil. Montevideo is the capital and also the largest city in Uruguay. Uruguay is well-known for its country’s colonial heritage such as Colonia del Sacramento, Torres Garcia Museum and Estadio Centenario a football stadium which hosted 1930 FIFA World Cup. Less but not least, there are several beaches which are listed in the “need to visit” list for tourist in Uruguay. For an example, Punta del Este or also known as Playa Mansa where the “Silver River” meets the Atlantic Ocean. There is also an astonishing scenery of sunsets at La Ramble; a 19-mile promenade in Montevideo. The cultural food in Uruguay is also one of its kind as it is a combination of Uruguayans and Argentineans flavor. Most of the food is made of beef, chicken, pork and fish types but the way it is prepared and flavor is the proof of their culture which inherited since their colonial moment. 2.    What is your proposed product’s voice/ personality? Make a short narrative about the consumer who buys this product, and how it fits into their life, which conveys the personality of this brand.Despite creating an old-fashioned and boring tourist guidebook. The content of the book will be more visual-centeredness and not too much written info will be applied. In another word of explanation, the content will be created with visuals which consist of starting a point from A to B. Along the way, there is visual and a little bit of written explanation which shows recommendation of food and info about the local culture. Moreover, white space will be more emphasis to avoid crowded content. The targeted consumer will be those who love to travel and places with many heritage culture and building. This book is very suitable for those who are planning to travel yet they have limited time to do research about the places they plan to travel. It is informative, well-prepared with guidance and recommendation along with attractive visual which gives the consumer a brief image or expectation of these places they are about to venture.This book enables them to save up sometimes by skipping research process and straight away to booking accommodation and flights. This books also enable tourist to save traveling time while in Uruguay as the book is a bookish planner which prepared a planned guide to destination recommended. 3.    This is the heart of your creative brief, the most important part. What are the product’s attributes and distinguishing characteristics (what’s so special about your design)?Despite long written information from head to toes of the country, a simple review of the country and more emphasis on recommendation with visuals explanation. First of all, this book consists of trails of places which is linked along from point A to point B. This may create convenient to travelers as they can move along without turning back to passed or missed destination. Imagine that a list of places which is organize properly which can be a travel plan for travelers. More time can be saved from making a traveling plan and straight away to a spontaneous getaway. Secondly, the background of the pages will really show the culture or images which reflect the identity of the country. Visuals element will be more significantly applied as it captures attention more than words do.Third, the recommendation given is more on beaches, heritage site, and popular landmarks for the best scenery experience. Without glossing over the culture and food in the country, specific restaurant and food recommendation will be inserted into the content with visuals. 4.    What are your communication objectives and the order of priority on the publication? The primary objectives of this publication are to allow travelers to be able to travel to Uruguay conveniently and also provide better information for spontaneous tourist or backpackers. In short explanation, this book will be a time saver for those who interested to travel to Uruguay. The secondary objective of this publication is to give more understanding and knowledge about Uruguay to travelers or just simply a normal reader. 5.    What are the rival brands? How your design ideas do compete (include the visuals of your ideal designs)?Most of the tour guidebook is more on word-based articles or informative booklet. However, this book is going to be more visual informative where limited words will be applied but not too little. Which means boasting on the condition, scenery, and information of the arts and culture will be cut down and being replaced with visual. The choice of images which is going to be applied will reflect the culture and brief scenery of Uruguay. Besides, route recommendation which linked to destination and accommodation is also applied which we rarely read in most tour guidebooks that use articles and word-based information to describe. 


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