1.1) features of the java program that

1.1) In this task I will be writing about the
principles, characteristics and features of the java program that I have create
for my online shop.

Java Data Types: There two data types that I will be using in
my program. These are String and Integer; below I will be explaining what they
are and why I will need these data types in my program.

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Ø  String: This data type is uses 2 bytes of memory to
hold several of characters without the need of data type Character (Char).

Ø  Integer:
This is a data type, which uses 4 bytes of memory and is used for whole numbers
this would be a benefit because some computer programs use numbers and can
suitable for controlling numbers in several ways, which can run the best
performance on 32-bit processor.

Arrays: Arrays are items in computer programming which are all the same
type and size. Each of the arrays will be referred as “array element”. In a
array data will all have to have the same data type.

Class and Object: Classes are when program are divided into
little programs that will have data and functions in there. Objects are used in
programming languages to make it simple for user to understand.

Instance Variables: An Instance Variable in programming enables
programmers to write flexible programs and also instead of entering the data
directly, a programmer can use variables to show data.

Public and Private Variables: There are two types of variables in a java
program, which are Public and Private. I will be explain what they are below:

Ø  Public
Variables: Public
Variables are opened and outside functions and it will allow you to use any
function in the program.

Ø  Private
Variables: Private
Variables are functions that only exist inside specific functions that create
it. Private Variables are not known in other function s and to the main program
and it also local variables are stop existing once the functions that created
them are done.


and Interfaces:


overloading and Method overriding:



1.2) I am
going to evaluate the flexibility of my java program in different environments.


2.1 &
2.2) I will be designing a UML to show the structure and behaviour of my
program. I the design I am also going include the sequence and state transition
diagrams. I am going to include notes to diagram to explain the reason for
deigning in the way I did.




(3.1, 3.2, .3.3, 3.4 & 3.5)


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